Help Phrenemies! by Writing Questions

What can you do?

Phrenemies! needs your help. This game needs a lot of questions so there are not too many repeated questions. You can follow the link at the top of this page to get to the question submission page. These questions will then be reviewed and added to the game. Then if you keep playing, you may see your question in a future game!


Once you follow the link to the question page, it's easy to submit questions. Phrenemies! uses groups of questions that produce similar answers so that the Phony has a chance. What this means is that you need to submit four questions that produce similar answers. Take inspiration from the existing questions. For example, one question could be 'How many cups of coffee did you drink today?'. For most people, this will give a number between 0-5. So, the other questions should also have an answer that is a number 0-5. Like, 'How many pairs of dress shoes do you own?', 'How many haircuts do you get a year?', and 'How many miles do you walk a day?' Then submit the questions and it will be reviewed and possibly added into the game for yourself and others to enjoy!